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An investment in our common stock involves a high degree of risk and may be considered speculative. You should carefully consider the information found in “Risk Factors” before deciding to invest in shares of our common stock. Risks involved in an investment in us include (among others) the following:

(1) We are a new company and have no operating history. In addition, we have not identified specific investments that we will make with the proceeds of this offering. As a result, this offering may be deemed to be a “blind pool” offering and you will not have the opportunity to evaluate historical data or assess any investments prior to purchasing shares of our common stock.

(2) Economic activity in the United States was impacted by the global financial crisis of 2008 and has yet to fully recover. These conditions may make it more difficult for us to achieve our investment objectives.

(3) Our shares will not be listed on a national securities exchange for the foreseeable future, which means there will be no public market for our securities during the offering period. You will have limited ability to sell your shares.

(4) There are substantial conflicts among the interests of our investors, our interests and the interests of our advisor, dealer manager and our respective affiliates regarding compensation, investment opportunities and management resources.

(5) Our board of directors may change our operating policies and strategies without prior notice or stockholder approval, the effects of which may be adverse to stockholders.

(6) Our dealer manager also serves as the dealer manager for the distribution of securities of other issuers, and may experience conflicts of interest as a result.

(7) While we intend to repurchase a limited number of our common stock pursuant to our share repurchase program beginning with the first calendar quarter following the one-year anniversary of achieving the minimum offering requirement, we may suspend or terminate the share repurchase program at any time.

(8) Our investment in prospective portfolio companies may be risky, and we could lose all or part of our investment.

(9) The amount of any distributions we may make is uncertain. Our distribution proceeds may exceed our earnings, particularly during the period before we have substantially invested the net proceeds from this offering. Therefore, portions of the distributions that we make may represent a return of capital to you for tax purposes.

(10) We intend to qualify as a RIC but may fail to do so. Such failure would subject us to federal income tax on all of our income, which would have a material adverse effect on our financial performance.

(11) A significant portion of our portfolio will be recorded at fair value as determined in good faith by our board of directors and, as a result, there will be uncertainty as to the value of our portfolio investments.

(12) We have not established any limit on the extent to which we may use borrowings, our equity capital, or proceeds from this offering to fund distributions to stockholders, which may reduce the amount of capital we ultimately invest in assets, and there can be no assurances that we will be able to sustain distributions at any particular level. Our distributions may exceed our earnings, which we refer to as a return of capital, particularly during the period before we have substantially invested the net proceeds from this offering, which may result in commensurate reductions in net asset value per share. Accordingly, stockholders who receive the payment of a dividend or other distribution from us should not assume that such dividend or other distribution is the result of a net profit earned by us.

(13) This is a “best efforts” offering and, if we are unable to raise substantial funds then we will be more limited in the number and type of investments we may make. As a result, our ability to diversify will be constrained.

(14) Our investments may include original issue discount instruments. To the extent original issue discount constitutes a portion of our income, we will be exposed to typical risks associated with such income being required to be included in taxable and accounting income prior to receipt of cash representing such income.